"Peter Cimino is one of those rare individuals who can leave you feeling like a million dollars after a 10-minute conversation with him. Information broker, business change agent, valued sourcing partner and cheerleader - Peter wears a lot of hats with both his clientele and support staff. The Connecticut labor force has benefited from his professionalism and innate ability to connect the 'talent management' dots for value-add outcomes."


Our Solutions

Designing, developing and deploying world-class IT solutions since 1974

Specializing in biotech startup companies, The Cimino Group assigns and places systems professionals on highly visible projects within our Fortune 500/1000 client base. On a consulting or project-based arrangement, our team can deliver comprehensive IT infrastructure solutions. Our IT professionals design, develop and install everything from customized software applications to video conferencing solutions.

Experienced with facility installations, we oversee the implementation of server rooms, data and telephone systems, security access systems, secure wireless data facilities. We manage the configuration, ordering and implementation of all computer hardware (i.e. desktops, laptops and electronic lab notebooks, etc.) and software applications (i.e. data server technology, laboratory information management systems, accounting software, etc.), as well as a "virtual" Help Desk Facility (onsite network administration). Proactively and in a pinch, our business continuity experts develop and implement data daily backup and disaster recovery plans.

No job is too big or too small for our technical team, as we can also deliver a solution for printing, scanning, copying and faxing. Extending beyond IT into marketing support, our team can also design and develop your corporate website, complete with web-based applications.

We also offer IT staffing services, matching the correct candidates with companies seeking expert IT solutions. Our network of IT resources is continually improving over the years based on our proprietary screening process and consistent investment in our people.

Based in Connecticut and servicing the world, The Cimino Group is truly your one-stop shop for information technology services, support, staffing and solutions.

IT Consulting

Increasingly in today's evolving business environment, professional IT leaders are necessary to achieve operational and financial goals. Whether your in-house team of IT professionals needs support or your company seeks to outsource an entire information technology initiative, The Cimino Group offers flexible, reliable and expert consulting services to meet your specific requirements. Our consulting services practice is made up of a diverse group of experienced systems professionals, covering a broad spectrum of industry expertise – from Legacy systems to eCommerce solutions. Covering the full systems development life cycle (SDLC), our project management practice provides for all aspects of mission-critical IT projects. Our team of consultants can advise on business plans, CBAs, project planning and more.

Our team of consultants is well versed in the following IT projects:

  • application development
  • business intelligence tools
  • business requirements engineering and analysis (CBAP, BABOK)
  • change management and process optimization
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • data warehousing platforms
  • ERP systems implementations and analysis
  • network infrastructure
  • security architecture and design
  • software systems analysis
  • project and program management (PMP, PMBOK, Agile and SCRUM)

Using the latest methodologies and tools, The Cimino Group consistently delivers IT projects on time and within budget.

Staff Augmentation

When essential employees go on leave or in-house teams simply need support, staff augmentation is a vital service for companies to maintain current IT projects, while sharing knowledge about emerging technologies. Supporting your internal IT initiatives, The Cimino Group offers staff augmentation for companies seeking to run lean or bolster their information technology services. Our consultants provide the insight and ingenuity to seamlessly enhance your in-house team or plug in to your current IT project.

Our staff augmentation services are ideal for:

  • internal IT support
  • vacation coverage
  • temporary employee absence
  • hardware/software deployments
  • system upgrades
  • application development
  • server migrations
  • technology realignments
  • virtualization and cloud computing

Whether you need specialized certified skills for a specific technological challenge or flexible, convenient coverage for temporary IT staffing situations, we offer the staff augmentation services to make sure your company keeps moving forward.

Network Administration

Maintaining network uptime is vital to any business, as a server going down can lead to devastating loss. That's why The Cimino Group offers professional network administration services to design and deploy networks, as well as resolve technical issues. Performing as tier-3 personnel, we can consult and advise on your server configuration, as well as monitoring services to continuously support your network remotely at all times. Our talented network administrators focus on the overall integrity of the network, server deployment and system security, while ensuring network connectivity throughout your company's LAN/WAN infrastructure, intranet and Internet. Ensuring peace of mind, our network administration team provides proactive solutions to identify and resolve potential issues, while reporting on server performance and utilization.

Our network administrators maintain dependable and secure data communications across technologies, including:

  • desktop computers
  • hardware systems
  • firewalls
  • mobile devices
  • phones
  • printers
  • routers
  • security updates and patches
  • servers
  • software deployment
  • switches

Rely on The Cimino Group's network administration services to deploy, configure, maintain and monitor active data network and converged infrastructure environments, as well as associated network equipment.

Risk-Based Application Development

When your company needs assistance in developing a complicated technology, system or product - yet cost is a concern - consider risk-based application development as an alternative to time-and-material arrangements. On a fixed-bid basis, The Cimino Group offers risk-based application development for your complex IT projects. Estimated and adhering to an established budget upfront, our team can work with you to define, develop and deploy the application solution from start to finish.

Our expert application engineers are available to:

  • plan and model the application requirements
  • determine data structures and distribution
  • solve customer requirements
  • lead the project team
  • prepare guides, test plans, and conversion documents
  • design and build prototypes

The risk-based application development model minimizes exposure, while maximizing your potential return on investment.

Disaster Recovery

In the unfortunate occurrence of a natural or human-caused disaster, your company needs to ensure business continuity. Offering holistic disaster recovery, The Cimino Group is well equipped to prepare in advance or assist after a catastrophic event. Our team is able to consult with you to establish a concrete plan with policies and procedures in place to prepare for recovery and continuation of critical technology.

Our disaster recovery solutions include:

  • backup, server and storage replication
  • cloud recovery
  • disaster recovery planning
  • managed recovery assessments
  • recovery infrastructure environments
  • workforce continuity solutions

Ready for the absolute worst, our disaster recovery processes focuses on maintaining and bringing back the IT systems and infrastructure that support your critical business functions.

Business Continuity

Successful companies properly plan and implement business continuity activities to make sure that critical business functions are always accessible to customers, suppliers, regulators and other key constituents. From an information technology standpoint, The Cimino Group is able to perform business continuity services to assist in maintaining service, support and recoverability of essential day-to-day functions. Defending data, applications and systems, our business continuity consultants manage risk by facilitating seamless operations during downtime.

Our IT management for business continuity consists of:

  • cloud resiliency
  • crisis management
  • data center management
  • disaster recovery
  • emergency management
  • facility vulnerability assessments
  • resiliency consulting
  • risk management

Our consultants are capable of advising, implementing and monitoring business continuity processes to ensure continuous uptime through expert IT system design, implementation, support and maintenance.

Project Management

At the core of every productive and profitable IT initiative is competent project management. Recognizing this necessity, The Cimino Group employs an expert team of project managers ready to help facilitate and coordinate the implementation of any IT project. Knowing how to coordinate employees and vendors, as well as systems and deployments, our prudent project managers are qualified to plan, schedule and control IT projects from inception to completion.

Our project management services include:

  • assessing project needs
  • organizing project teams
  • drafting Requests for Proposals (RFPs)
  • conducting vendor selection
  • integrating staff and vendors
  • testing systems
  • performing Quality Assurance (QA) audits
  • preparing verification and validation reports
  • overseeing ongoing IT functions

Ready from requirement to rollout, our hands-on project managers will be involved in all phases of the project, ensuring objectives are met on time, on spec and on budget.


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