"I worked for Peter as a consultant back when I was fresh out of college and still finding my way in the IT world. Peter was not only my boss, but a great mentor as well. His taking the time out of his busy schedule to show a young kid the ropes was much appreciated and a huge influence on my later development. Peter always had a "you can do this" attitude, instilled confidence, had great trust in and empowered all the folks who worked for him. I have kept in touch with Peter throughout my career and his style is reflected in my own management techniques to this day."



Finding the right fit for IT professionals and companies

For nearly 40 years, The Cimino Group carefully cultivates consultant and client relationships in the field of information technology for superior IT job placement. Applying the principles of our founder, Peter Cimino, we continually build our team of IT professionals with an emphasis on integrity and industry know-how. We actively seek experienced IT veterans looking for stable job placements, as well as aspiring IT staffers seeking a career in information technology. Our consultants and staffers are given every opportunity to further their technical aptitude and advance in their chosen profession. When a member of our IT achieves success, that means we succeed for our customers.

We offer candidates IT job placement for:

  • contract,
  • contract-to-hire, as well as
  • direct-hire.

Once the applicant passes our stringent aptitude test, a consultant for The Cimino Group is often considered a reliable partner for life.


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